Summertime for Sommerset City Homes

Summertime is on its way and Sommerset City Homes are beautifying their swimming pools.

Summertime and Sommerset City Homes

Sommerset Community is located in Costa Mesa and here they are preparing for summertime in a big way. New electrical conduits, new drainage and beautiful paving stones are just a few major improvements underway. Sommerset City Homes is Managed by Amber Property Management. Here is a little snippet from their website..

Amber Property Management is one of Orange County’s most successful community association management companies. We were established in 1994, have built our business on referrals, and have grown to be one of the most respected companies in the industry; known for our professionalism, ethical business practices and for our quality of service.

We recommend Amber Property Management and you can visit their website here..Amber Property Management

Here is some NEC code information regarding pool lighting  Luminaires…

680.23 Underwater Luminaires (Lighting Fixtures).
This section covers all luminaires (lighting fixtures) installed below the normal water level of the pool.
(A) General.
(3) GFCI Protection, Relamping. A ground-fault circuit interrupter shall be installed in the branch circuit supplying luminaires operating at more than 15 volts. and we have a community post on this subject here..Pool lighting safety

If you would like us to provide you with a custom quote for your next property improvement, Please fill out our Service Request form here..Quote Request

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